Our roots

Boutinot has been making wines in South Africa since the early 1990s when we first scoured the land for interesting and often unloved grape varieties.  We also introduced trailblazing practices such as wild yeast ferments and non-interventionist viticulture with our partner growers.

Today, we have a home of our own in South Africa. Wildeberg (‘wild mountain’) is literally a place ‘on the edge’ of Franschhoek and the mountains themselves. Formally an equestrian farm, the land has never before been planted under vine but this wild and magical mountain with its undefinable energy just pulled us in.

Working with this rugged terrain and all its untameable natural beauty has been challenging at times but extremely rewarding too. The fact that only 10% of the property itself can be planted underlines the wild character of this place. We’re letting the mountain guide us by working with nature, the soil science and topography to determine which cultivars to grow on this land…and soon our newly planted vines will herald a new chapter in Wildeberg's wine-making story.

This initial passion, love of the land and drive for discovery still remains as our Franschhoek-based winemakers travel around the Western Cape, teaming up with the right partners that enable us to make the distinctive wine styles and quality we value so highly. Most of our grower suppliers are now second and third generation, reinforcing our longstanding partnerships and our belief in long-term sustainability. These partnerships and the knowledge we've amassed over time help us to make truly individualistic wines that champion regionality and old bush vines.

Wildeberg acts as a lookout for our view of the Western Cape - as a prism to which good things come and from which great things flow - our kitchen to blend ingredients foraged from the wider Cape - and simply as our inspirational home to grow and craft great South African wines.

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Our inspiration


Our winemakers


JD Rossouw
Estate Manager/Winemaker

Passionate winemaker.  Husband of a beautiful wife.  Proud father.  Bad golfer. Loves being on or in the ocean.

“Live, laugh and try not to take life too seriously”

Ryno Booysen

Boundary-pushing winemaker.  Thrives on getting my hands dirty. Loves camping with my wife and two boys.

“Think outside the box, what have you got to lose?”

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