Wild House is a place of raw energy, a weather-beaten hut exposed to the storm-swept slopes of our mountain at Wildeberg.  Inspired by the ever-shifting views of the landscape and weather from each aspect of the house, we created this pair of wines which reflect the land we call home.

Our Wild House

Our Wild House wines

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Wild House Chenin Blanc

Region: Coastal Region
Vintage: 2018
Pack Size: 6 x 75cl
Closure Type: Screwcap
Grape Variety: Chenin Blanc 100% 

When our Estate Manager & Winemaker JD Rossouw was asked to craft the first wines directly inspired by Wildeberg, he jumped at the chance to work with his two favourite grape varieties. “There’s so much you can do with Chenin, from sparkling through to sweet dessert wine, wooded or unwooded.  The breadth and diversity is excellent".

The winemaker’s notes:

“Chenin is the backbone grape varietal of South Africa – it’s the most profusely planted variety in our country and is closely associated to our wine-making identity. To capture the true sense of place and terroir, I’ve made this wine a 100% unoaked Chenin Blanc.
Fermenting only in stainless steel ensures the freshness, character and liveliness of the wine is maintained. To tame some of this energy and add more complexity and depth to the final wine, I’ve kept it on its fine lees for approximately nine months. This also adds to the lush mouthfeel and keeps the wine fresher for longer.”

-  Winemaker: JD Rossouw


Our Chenin label artwork was inspired by spectacular sunsets which bathe the mountain in a wash of gold...

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Wild House Shiraz

Region: Coastal Region
Vintage: 2018
Pack Size: 6 x 75cl
Closure Type: Screwcap
Grape Variety: Shiraz 100% 

When our Estate Manager & Winemaker JD Rossouw was asked to craft Wildeberg’s first estate branded wines, he jumped at the chance to work with his two favourite grape varieties. “Shiraz will give you totally different flavours depending on where you plant it - closer to the coast in cooler areas gives you spice and cinnamon flavours whilst more towards the hotter climates you get extracted plum and blackberry flavour”.

The winemaker’s notes: 

“Shiraz is such a universally loved and understood grape variety. There’s so much to work with and again it’s a variety that can really capture its surroundings.
Grapes for this wine were carefully hand-harvested and sorted mostly from the Paarl area. I did add a small amount of Franschhoek fruit to the final blend to give it a bit of spice and ‘edge’. Naturally wild fermented in stainless steel tanks, this fresh, lively and fruit driven wine is not masked by oak but instead, bursts with lush red fruit flavours, aromas and softness.”

-  Winemaker: JD Rossouw



The changeable wild weather, dramatic cloud patterns and differing spectra of light were the inspiration behind the purple-hued Shiraz label…if you look closely, you can even pick out the shape of an elephant’s face on the side of the mountain!